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Building an enterprise-grade NLP Pipeline for financial services using Pachyderm, Seldon, and FinBert.

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Here is What Will Be Covered

#1) How to design, build, deploy, and manage an enterprise-grade ML model lifecycle with a focus on Data Lineage and MLOps

You’ll go through a complete end-to-end sentiment analysis pipeline from scratch including automated data labeling, model training, visualization, and more.

#4) Automatically train a new model

Using newly labeled data, we'll train a new version of the model automatically.

#2) Combine multiple data sources into one worflow

Models need constant tweaking and improvement. For that, we need to build a pipeline that is aware of new data, how to process it automatically in the most efficient manner possible.

#5) Use data lineage to perform basic model validation

You’ll explore how Pachyderms unique data lineage capabilities provide documentation that verifies exactly which data was used, when the model was created, and more.

#3) Combine new human-labeled data via LabelStudio

Configure our workflow so that we can automatically handle newly labeled data. This will ensure that the model never drifts in terms of accuracy


Jimmy Whitaker

Jimmy Whitaker is the Machine Learning Developer Advocate at Pachyderm, where he focuses on the application of Pachyderm to various Data Science problems. He received his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Oxford, and previously was the Directory of Applied Research at Digital Reasoning where he led R&D efforts on Speech Recognition and NLP.


Bruce Jacobs (Seldon)

Bruce Jacobs is the Solutions Engineering Lead, North America at Seldon. Bruce has an extensive background in infrastructure and DevOps. He has worked in solutions engineering roles for leading consulting agencies in the US as well as serving as Vice President of DevOps and IT for a FinTech startup and Manager of DevOps and Application services for a global fortune 250 Insurance agency. Before that, he served in the US Marine Corps as a Non-Commissioned Officer. 

May 26th
11:00 PDT